Hanyang C & C

The Freejet series is a solution that allows users to directly print images stored on a computer without the need for special expertise, and realizes customer satisfaction through output for various purposes as a functional printer of unique design.

T-shirt printing printer
You can freely print desired images on cotton T-shirts.
Pioneer a new fashion market for younger generations.

Bathroom floor tile interior
You can print your desired designs on bathroom wall or tile.

Photo Frame
You can create a photo frame with a photo or a picture printed on it.

Cell phone case
You can print the image you want on your phone case.

Special products
You can freely print images and texts on a variety of products such as ballpoint pens and lighters.

POP / Lenticular
Crystal, glass or acrylic and various materials of POP can be made.

Various types of work can be done by simple methods such as metal and label.